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Celebrity Quotes

  • Shri UR Ananthamurthy
    Jnanapith Awardee and representative of the ‘Navya’ movement in Kannada Literature, Shri UR Ananthamurthy supporting the cause said ‘It is a very important initiative that the Namma Bengaluru Foundation has taken. Like William Wordsworth said – ‘The Little unremembered acts of kindness and love are the best part of a person’s life’, there are several people and organizations in the city who work in their respective fields ensuring delivery of services round the clock. These few are the ones who make life easy for the very many of us. They are true heroes who work for the sheer happiness of having rendered service to make the city better and not for any personal interest of money or fame. As responsible citizens it is our duty to identify and honour such individuals and organizations and thank them for their contributions to the city. Such acts of nominations will ensure that Bengaluru is not just quoted as a Big City’ but also as a city that recognizes and shows gratitude to the people behind its making’"
  • Music Director Gurukiran
    Noted Music Director Gurukiran nominated his real life hero and said “It is common for the music industry, film fraternity or any other celebrated citizens to be awarded. It is very difficult for a common man, and honest officer or any other organisation that is working hard and delivery quality services in the city to be awarded. Such an initiative taken by the Namma Bengaluru Foundation to honour individuals who are unrecognized is worthy of praise. I request all citizens to participate in this movement of recognizing unsung heroes”.
  • Professor Siddalingaiah
    We all enjoy the beauty of a flower. We never appreciate the efforts of the roots that toiled to make the flower look so beautiful. Hence there is a need to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the ordinary people. In this regard Namma Bengaluru Awards provides the perfect platform for recognition."
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