Prof. B T Lakshman


Award Category : Non Resident Bengalurean
Year :

BT Lakshman is an Educationist cum Philanthropist and resides in the United States of America. A Master of Engineering, Prof Lakshman began his career in Public Works Dept. He founded the BTL Educational Trust for Rural Development, India in 1979 and BTL Foundation for International Services, USA in 1980. In his incessant pursuit to further his effort, the Trust has adopted ten villages in Rural Karnataka for their overall development covering health, water, sanitation and education. He has donated 30 lakhs to Bangalore University, by creating an endowment for distributing scholarship to merit cum need based students. The donations given to the University has greatly benefitted deserving students from rural areas. He funded 12 Rotary International community service. Prof Lakshman has contributed $1,350,000 (Approximately Rs 6.00 Crores), from his own earnings to the humanitarian causes. He has been rewarded with an Honorary Doctorate by Bangalore University. He is also the Global Indian of the year 2014, awarded by Smt. Prathiba Patil.