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In the last couple of decades, Bengaluru has transitioned from a garden city to a sought-after IT destination. Our city has scaled to great heights, taking with it, the citizens, on the path to greatness.

In a city of over 10 million and counting, there are innumerable men, women and children who operate in shadows, away from the glare and glitz of fame and fortune, to quietly fulfil their mission of making life in Bengaluru better. They have selflessly devoted themselves to the society and yet they choose to remain faceless.

Committed, courageous and resolute, they are simply unstoppable. It is this zeal, commitment, hard work and dedicated service – often beyond the call of duty – that has made Bengaluru.

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With a positive change in our hearts and a holistic future for Bengaluru in our minds, we hope the Namma Bengaluru Awards gives birth to several such heroes our city has been yearning for!

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Namma Bengaluru Awards

Where Namma Bengaluru nominates its Unsung Heroes who have been silently making the city a better place

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