Puttenhalli Neighborhood Lake Improvement Trust


Award Category : Citizen Group
Year :

The first ever citizens group that was handed over the management of the Puttenhalli Lake due to their effective restoration .At a time, when people have to be constantly told to save water in their own homes, here is a bunch of people who is trying to preserve a water body to save the environment. Started by Usha Rajagopalan, Arathi Manay, Prasanna K. Vynatheya, O P Ramaswamy and Nupur Jain, in 2010, PNLIT has been actively working with the BBMP on the Rejuvenation and maintenance of Puttenhalli lake. Be it installing a well in the lake bed, or Installation of a filtration mechanism at the mouth of theInlet to the lake, or enclosing the area around the Gazebo and converting it into a garden, they have gone the whole nine yards in their effort.